Most nationalities require a visa to enter Tanzania and this includes UK, USA, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand passport holders. For these nationalities it’s possible to get a visa, which is valid for 3 months, upon arrival or you can apply for an e-visa before you travel.

Arrivals to Kilimanjaro Airport

Please note that Kilimanjaro airport has changed its way of handling visas on arrival. Previously, you could either get a visa on arrival by waiting in a small queue or you could get it online. We now strongly recommend that all travelers apply for e-visas in advance online at

Please be advised that the online process does require a lot of information. However, once complete, visas are issued within a few days. If you DO NOT have an e-visa, you will need to go through the following steps on arrival:

• Queue for a Government Control Number

• Queue again to pay for this at the bank

• Queue again to have the visa issued

• Queue again for Immigration to check the visa

This process can take up to two hours to complete and is certainly not the best way to start your holiday in Tanzania.

Zanzibar visa requirements

Zanzibar islands are part of Tanzania main land and so they share the same visa regulations and procedures apply. For those flying straight into Zanzibar, it’s possible to obtain a visa on arrival at the airport. Ensure you have cash with you to pay for the visa as card payments are not always accepted.

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